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  • Cody Gayer

    Cody Gayer is probably our most sarcastic member at KXN, rendering 90 percent of his interview unusable.  The usable portion may or not be true – we didn’t fact check.

    “I tried Koda because Sarah Lohaus, Steph Malone, and Jen Copelin wouldn’t stop with the wet willies until I agreed to come.” While we would believe this of Steph and Jen, Sarah would never.

    When asked about his first day at Koda Norman, Cody explained, “My first day wasn’t memorable because I don’t remember it. Obviously I didn’t hate it because I kept coming back.” He is motivated by the fact that he has “nothing better to do between 5 and 6 AM.” Yes, he is a 5 AM(er). And unlike the majority of the 5 AM and 5:30 AM who readily spout their allegiance to really early morning workouts, Cody bluntly states, “I like nothing about this time slot.” But Cody wakes up “at the absurd hour of 4 AM, just in time to brew and guzzle some coffee before the 20 minute drive to Koda”.

    4 Years ago Cody started at Koda Norman and we wish him a very happy anniversary! When you see him in the gym, say hi! Give him a hug! Cody loves hugs.*

    *The author of this piece cannot be held responsible for the repercussions of hugging Cody Gayer.