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  • Cole Gillock

    Cole Gillock played football in high school and baseball from the womb – he is a born competitor. During his first few years of college, he was regulated to swimming, running, and body weight exercises due to an extreme loathing of globo gyms. He had heard of Koda CrossFit in the jungles of OKC but that was in another land far, far way. And then Koda Norman opened and Cole was in the door on week one.

    Cole’s first CrossFit endeavor was a 4:30 class coached by Brice. “My ol’ buddy Kyle Smailey was there so how could it be a bad time?” The workout was a ladder of cleans at 135# and burpees with a 400 m run. “Brice made me do front squats because I was getting worked – didn’t matter though,I came right back and signed up.”

    KXN, for Cole, is about friendship and competition – and for him, those go hand in hand. His favorite class times are 4:30 and 5:30pm; everyone is getting done with work (the unfun part of the day) and coming in for a good time. He has been attending the early morning classes but is “physically and emotionally weak that early in the morning.” He cannot afford weakness – he thrives off of working out with and against his friends. This competition, this camaraderie, has pushed Cole as an athlete. “For one competition I ran a 6:30 mile. I didn’t know I could do that. I felt horrible afterwards, but it was still pretty cool.”

    Outside of the gym, Cole and his fiancé prefer to stay outdoors (unless they are battling with projects in their new home). They can be found on early morning hikes traipsing around the Wichitas.

    Cole has been with KXN since its infancy; he has been there through growth spurts, the terrible twos, and new homes. Here is to another year filled with competitions and camaraderie. Here is to another year of accomplishing feats that he didn’t know he could.