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  • Hannah Deutsch

    Hannah Deutsch is one of our resident gymnasts. She competed in gymnastics from three years old through college. Her recollections of her first day at Koda Norman are few but specific. “HOT. It was the middle of July. There was running.” She came, she saw, and she never left.
    Motivated by friends and the promise of some unwitting soul willing to get into a handstand competition with her, Hannah’s favorite thing to do is to be in the gym. “I work 8-5, and it is a great feeling to get to the gym after a full day of work. I’m in better shape than I have ever been, and because of that, I feel great not only physically but mentally. I’m the most confident in myself and comfortable in my own skin that I’ve ever been.” Her consistency at the gym allows us to tell time.
    If it’s 5:30pm, Hannah is at the gym (unless she gets confused and shows up at the 5:30am class again).
    So if it’s 5:30pm and someone is contentedly hanging around upside down, you know it’s Hannah Deutsch. “I’m the girl that always wants to play handstands. #HandstandsWithHannah” If you were at either of the past two anniversary parties you have seen her handstand prowess in action AND she won the handstand competition at Regionals this year.
    Speaking of winning, Hannah, and Team Thundercats (a breakoff from the original Team TacoCat) just won the scaled division of the Free For All Throwdown. This was a gold medal first for Hannah, who just keeps getting faster, stronger, and even more competitive (if that’s even possible for a collegiate gymnast).
    Even more exciting than her first gold medal was Hannah’s first muscle up. “I felt like as a former gymnast people thought those would be easy for me. Girls don’t compete on the rings! It took me a good two and a half years to get one. It was a Sunday at open gym. I was trying 15.3 again which began with 7 muscle ups. I had been so close for so long but just could not turn it over. I ‘accidently’ did my very first one while warming up, and I just remember yelling to Kevin, ‘Start the clock!!!’ I ended up doing 7 muscle ups that day. Who knew?!”
    Trumping the 2.5 year pursuit of a muscle up was the four year pursuit of a 200+ pound backsquat. Her recent success was followed by Hannah running around the gym with her arms up, yelling “I finally did something in the 200s!!” If you would like a reenactment please contact Bess Jackson.
    So if you see a girl standing around upside down, she’s one of ours. Just say hello and high-five her foot!