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  • Harley Henry

    If you haven’t met Harley, it’s because you are not awake early enough. She’s another one of those “crazy morning goers” (yes, that’s a quote). She says, “you will find me at anytime between 5am and 6:30AM, with an occasional 7:30AM. It’s my favorite way to start my day and I can always count on a good laugh with all of the crazies that go early in the AM.” She started CrossFit the summer after her freshman year of college “after experiencing the real and ugly freshman 15”.
    Harley has fond memories of her first Koda workout, “It was the weekend I moved back to Norman for my second year at OU. I attended the class with my dad and my sister and THE Rachel coached. And of course the workout sucked so I knew I was going to love Koda.” Her subsequent memories have a running theme: “I have a lot of memorable workouts, such as the first time I did Murph, or Karen, and of course, Fran. In each of these workouts I feel like I am going to die but once they are completed I feel so accomplished. And of course, I HATE wall balls more than anything. I complain every time I do them.”
    So what keeps Harley coming back for more wall balls? “The thing that keeps me motivated each day is everyone that I see when I am at the gym and of course the way I feel when I leave there (even though I may fall over as I walk out the door). Being at the gym just sets the tone for each day and I really enjoy that fact. Being a CrossFitter helps me to be more attentive in school and work and be more productive.”
    Speaking of productive, Harley recently got her first pull up! “It was so exciting and my adrenaline was going crazy; I did not even realize I ripped my hand! I am looking forward to continuing to get better and seeing which movement I can accomplish next.” So are we, Harley! Happy four year Kodaversary!