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1210 McGee St.

Norman, OK 73069

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Koda CrossFit Norman Individual Programming

Personal Training


$60 per hour
$50 per hour for 5 Sessions
$45 per hour for 10 Sessions.

Choose from one of Koda's experienced coaches on staff in a one on one setting to accomplish your goals. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience.

Contact - kodacrossfitnorman@gmail.com for more information

Individual Prescription

$100 per month (for current Koda Members)

IP is for individuals who want to achieve a specific goal while benefiting from the group atmosphere at Koda CrossFit. Goals can range anywhere from pure performance to body composition and overall health.

The coach of your choice will work closely with you to prescribe the optimal program for your goals and track them effectively. IP works by prioritizing and customizing the exact Koda classes to do each day and providing guidance and accountability along your fitness journey.
*Nutritional guidance and tracking is available as an add on.

Contact - kodacrossfitnorman@gmail.com for more information

Individual Design

$200 per month (available for anyone, including Koda and non Koda members)

ID is for individuals who have a specific goal and want to benefit from a completely customized program geared towards the athletes specific needs. We have worked remotely with a wide range of goals including body composition and overall health, competitive crossfit goals, sport specific performance and even preparing individuals for branches of the military.

The coach of your choice will provide a specific program geared towards your goals, accountability to keep you on track, and nutrition help when applicable. ID will help you accomplish your goals effectively with a structured and completely customized approach.

Contact - kodacrossfitnorman@gmail.com for more information