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  • Jen Copelin

    Jennifer Copelin, aka Coach Jen, aka Jen Fit, has been cheering on the athletes at Koda Norman for the past four years but she was a cheerleader in high school before that. Growing up with gymnastics and cheer and growing into running marathons and triathlons, Jen was a CrossFitter before the term existed.

    Jen’s favorite thing to coach, however, is Olympic lifting. She remembers taking the weight lifting certification with fellow coach, Stephanie Malone, and it clicked. “I became so much stronger over a weekend just by tweaking my technique so I love being able to teach others that and see their amazement at their progress.” Jen also has hate-to-love movements, those movements that took forever to get but once she got them the good feelings abounded. Hers are double unders and pull ups.

    Jen calls her life crazy and it’s difficult to disagree. She gets up at 5am to workout before wrangling her 3 kids and getting them to school and then at night she works as a child dance and gymnastics taxi and chef. In between, she has “free” time in which to coach, do interior design, and photography.

    As a part of the obscenely early morning crew, Jen says, “It’s always the same dedicated group of early birds. I feel like the morning class takes a certain type of person to get up that early to work out, plus most of them have jobs and kids and it’s nice to be around people with common interests. Most of them have been there as long as I have and they begin to feel like a second family.” As others have attested to, this group has been running long and strong because they keep each other accountable. “We make sure everyone is planning on showing up and give each other a hard time when we don’t.” You don’t want to be the one that doesn’t show up…

    For Jen, family and friends are what she values above all else so when she calls you second family you know you are loved. But anyone who has seen her coach knows how much heart she puts into her classes – that’s why Jen Fit has their own t-shirts. She loves watching members in her classes grow, succeed, and feel good about themselves. She pushes them to be their best and stay healthy – the same goal she has for herself. “As I get older my goals have shifted a bit. I more look forward to staying fit, mobile, and healthy. I had to let go of trying to do what the girl next to me was doing and learn to just do me and be okay with that and that took a lot of time but I’m getting there.” Just like every one of us at KXN, we are here because “Koda is fun, the people are amazing, and you are always guaranteed to get a good workout – whether it’s your 1st day or your 4th year. It’s always challenging and there is always room to grow. “ Yoda has nothing on Coach Jen. We are so glad that we have her words of wisdom and coaching prowess as such a big part of KXN.