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  • Jill Herlihy

    Jill Herlihy is not usually the center of attention. She is the one who takes the amazing pictures that put all of us in the spotlight.

    Jill started CrossFit because she burned out on marathons. “My friend Rawson had been raving about this CrossFit stuff for months, talking about this guy named Rich Froning. He had just started at Koda Norman and invited me to come workout with him.” So her first day was Memorial Day Murph. “It was Justin Nolan and me holding up the back of the train of people running on the first mile. He and I became close friends shortly after we realized we were both new employees at Boeing. I soon learned I’d never get rid of him after that. Rawson made sure I met this girl named Tessie on my first day; we hit it off instantly after finding out that we had just run the same marathon and that we were both from WA state.” They would go on to become roommates and so much more that makes the Cruce Crew (Jill, Tessie, Kaitlin) who they are. Shenanigans.

    Another memorable workout for Jill was Open Workout 15.4, which was an 8 minute AMRAP that started with 3 handstand push ups. “I was determined to do it Rxd after having to scaled 15.3. I think I had only ever done a single HSPU once or twice before, never in a workout but just when practicing skills. I was determined to get at least ONE for this workout. I think I set a world record for the number of attempts on one Open workout.  I’d go through the whole 8 minutes sometimes. Others, I’d get a few minutes in and stop, reset the clock and go again. Be the end of it all, I had probably 40-50+ attempts at this workout, and ended with a score of 1 rep. One. Single. Handstand push-up. And it was probably one of my proudest scores.” It’s worth stating that she recently completed 30 HSPUs in just over 5 minutes.

    When Jill isn’t at work or hanging out with the Cruce Crew and her mini horse at home, Jill is at Koda. “I spend a large percentage of my free time at Koda because that’s where I can find my Oklahoma family. For me, Koda Norman isn’t just a gym. It’s a community of like-minded individuals. (Yes, she’s saying we are all a little crazy – in the best way possible.) We all have our reasons for being here but at the core of it all, we’re all trying to improve ourselves and provide support for others trying to do the same.”

    Jill might not like being in the spotlight but she is a central figure of our community. She makes us all better (and makes us look awesome even when we are sweaty and gross – she has a way with angles).