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  • John Briski

    John Briski, AKA Briskit, Brewski, Gummi Bears or any other name you care to apply to our 6’5” gentle giant is one of the friendliest, most welcoming Kodites (which is probably why he will answer to pretty much any name you give him and offer you gummi bears). His first day at Koda was actually at OKC. “When I first walked in, Brice and I geeked out for a bit, then I did class. The workout involved two 1k rows so I thought I was pretty hot stuff my first day!” Briski transitioned from snacks, naps, and video games to “eat, sleep, and CrossFit” and transformed physically from “260 pounds with almost no muscle” to all the muscle at 225. To be fair, his activities outside the gym include going to concerts, drinking beer, and watching movies (it’s all about finding balance).
    Strangely enough, regardless of or perhaps in defiance of his height, Briski’s favorite workout is “Grace”. His most memorable workout was certainly not his favorite. “My most memorable, and humbling, workout was definitely the last workout of the 2015 Koda First Timers: 20 chest-to-bar pull ups, 30 front squats, 40 jump ropes. I didn’t even make it past the pull ups and everyone else was finished and watching me struggle through eight pull ups before I got capped. That was when I decided I wasn’t ever going to be beat by another workout the way that workout beat me. I am pretty competitive actually. I want to make myself stronger, better, and more skilled at everything to do with CrossFit, especially surrounded by so many talented individuals as Koda. Getting to see my buds when I go really helps with the days where I just don’t feel motivated.”
    Briski’s welcoming and outgoing nature has earned him more than just nicknames. “Koda is great if you want to get in shape, or if you want to become a competitive Crossfitter. But the thing that surprised me the most was how many friends and role models I have met through Koda. My favorite KXN memories usually center around anything that comes out of Hutch’s mouth. I love that dude. He’s a national treasure. And I honestly believe we have some of the best and most knowledgeable coaches around. Special shout out to Toby for putting up with me on a regular basis.”
    He has accomplished many things in his four years of CrossFit but his gymnastics feats have garnered the most pride (with his wingspan that pride is hard earned and well-deserved). “I’m not built for this stuff being tall, heavy, and lanky, so any small progress I see always makes my week. Surprising fact: I’ve actually gotten pretty decent at handstand push ups since I’ve practiced so much. Emphasis on decent. Pull ups are still a definite work in progress. Don’t ask about muscle ups.” But Briski never stops working, never stops progressing, because he is on a mission. “I have at least two competitions to end the year and competitions are a blast for me. Even though it can be stressful, competing is still one of my favorite things.”
    From major physical changes, to being able to dunk (when he couldn’t even touch the rim when he first started), to eating clean (minus the gummi bears), Briski has made a lot of changes at Koda Norman. But some things never change. He’s still the first person to say hello to you when you walk in the door and can usually be found handing out gummi bears after a workout. Some things should never change.