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  • Justin Nolan

    Give me a B, give me a R, give me an O! What does that spell? Justin Nolan, our very own bro cheerleader. Justin describes his OU cheerleading career as follows, “Do I throw her now? Now, do I throw her? Do I throw her yet?” Yes, he is also the typical bro; he likes to pick heavy stuff up and put it down (and bench press – mostly bench press). However, his favorite movement in all the land (the aforementioned bench press), is not his most memorable. That award goes to the hard fought, hard won hand stand push ups (hspus) and bar muscle ups.

    You all probably know Justin from the 5:30pm class or just from his curly hair. When he started his career at KXN he was “very strong – and very – round (I wasn’t “out of shape” – round IS a shape, right?).” Then he decided to try a different shape.

    Koda Native’s Daniel Laakman who once convinced Justin to become an OU cheerleader is the very same guy who convinced him to compete in Koda CrossFit’s Balls of Love fundraiser workout over four years ago. So really, Justin predates KXN – he’s prehistoric. Rocking the tight tights, Justin went balls out on the sprints and cleans – but then came the handstand push ups. Justin tried to kick through the drywall on his first attempt ever – and almost succeeded – at kicking through the drywall, not the hspu. Apart from that, “and Daniel having to do the majority of the pull-ups, and all of the HSPUs, and [Justin] getting fairly sick about half way through – it was fun and all went off without a hitch!” But he hasn’t heard from Daniel since, in fact, no one has….

    So he had to make new friends. Justin describes the community at KXN, “It’s a safe place. Coming into Koda, I just figured it’d be another place to go workout, probably make some friends, but I didn’t know then how deep-rooted those friendships would become. We’ve all been through a lot in four years, and fortunately we’ve all had each other to help us through the tough times and celebrate the victories. No mater what’s going on in life, I always know that my Koda family has my back every single time. End sappy response.” Yes, his heart is as big as his pectorals.