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  • Kaitlin Henry

    Kaitlin Henry can be spotted in the wilds of the noon classes or at Barbell class. She showed up to a 5:30am class once – but it will never happen again. If you do happen to spot her early in the morning, be certain to be the bearer of coffee. Between CrossFit, classes at OU, and working at The Mont, Kaitlin’s favorite thing to do in the time between is nothing. Like her spirit animal, the sloth, she is a creature of naps. She can traverse land and sea and even has a tendency to be more horizontal than vertical when running (yes, she falls down a lot). Her natural habitat includes barbells, canines, and tacos, and she is known for hoarding shaker bottles.

    Kaitlin started CrossFit in her hometown in Montana but she moved to Norman in 2013 to learn how to do double unders (and attend OU). After a few months of flying solo in the gyms of Norman, she drove down Lindsey and saw a sign that would be a life changer. CrossFit. She attended her first class at KXN that same day.

    Kaitlin’s first day at KXN was memorable; she was the only female in a sea of bros but she persevered. A month later, at Kevin’s insistence, she consented to befriending her kindred spirits, Tessie and Jill, with whom she moved into a house a year later, and that is the genesis story of the “Cruce Crew”.