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Katie Byers

Katie Byers is in it for the long haul – and no, we are not just referring to the fact that this is her 4 year Kodaversary. Prior to CrossFit, Katie ran 40+ miles a week. She decided to try CrossFit because she needed to give her body a break.

Her first day at KXN, she was the only athlete to show at the 6:30pm class so Kevin joined her and Liz coached (like an episode of the Twilight Zone). Her memories of that first day are fond, “I remember burpees and feeling like I would die by the end of the AMRAP. I knew after that class that I was hooked….” Burpees, it’s like the ultimate pick-up line – works every time.

Shockingly (or not so), Katie loves the long endurance workouts and the Open workouts because “I really push myself to do more than I think possible and to finish the workouts.” Katie never stops pushing herself. CrossFitters are a competitive breed but not just against others, we compete against ourselves. Katie motivates herself by “seeing if I can do better than I did last week or the last time I did a movement.” And when she’s not celebrating her workouts, she’s celebrating OU football. I think we can all agree that her priorities are on point!