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  • Lorin Brown

    Lorin (CrossFit Lolo) Brown is actually starting her 5th year as part of the Koda family. Before CrossFit Lolo existed, Lorin was a gymnast for nine years and competed in cheerleading at the collegiate level. After a gymnastics injury, Lo was looking to fill the void. “My first class was Jared’s 7am class and I fell in love. This is also where I met Kevin – he coached a few of the morning classes in the city! I had a bit of a rough start – I was still recovering from an ACL surgery.” Lo has recovered and then some, helping Koda Norman represent at Regionals in Nashville this past year.
    Crossfit became much more than a physical outlet, leading Lo to her career as a firefighter. “[As firefighers] are put in stressful and physical situations often, we are taught to adapt and overcome anything. CrossFit has not only kept me in shape physically, but mentally…. I love becoming the best version of myself. With CrossFit there are always so many things you can work on to become better – and I love that.”
    Anyone who has seen Lo do bar muscle ups knows that she is the epitome of grace. There is a very good reason we call her Lolo Bird as she calmly perches on top of the pull up bar between perfect reps. But while she may rest on the bar, she never rests on her laurels. “If I’m not at the station…I’m probably at the gym. I take CrossFit very seriously. My at home schedule revolves around training. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!”
    Lo loves us so much she took a piece of KXN home with her. “This place is truly my home. I have made lifelong friends here and even found a future husband. Koda has done so many great things for so many people. This community is like nothing else.” The aforementioned “future husband” is Toby (one of our coaches) and this article would be incomplete without mentioning the other man in their lives, Lloyd the Basset.
    Happy 5 Years, Lolo!