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  • Maria Kroeker

    Maria Kroeker can be described in three words – one bad momma. It’s not the steely eyes of doom that can quell her boys in an instant, it’s her all fight, no quit attitude. CrossFit didn’t make Maria who she is (although it might have enhanced the jacked-ness), but Maria has been a big part of making KXN the community that it has become. Before CrossFit, Maria was doing 5ks, mud runs, and working out in a “jacked bro gym”. Then she got bored; “I was sick of the mirrors. I was sick of seeing people flexing instead of picking up some weight.” Maria hasn’t the time nor patience to deal with that. And this is a woman with a lot of patience.

    She is a Master Sergeant in the Army and a first grade teacher. We’re not sure which of those tasks is more daunting but we’re leaning towards the first graders (or as she calls it – “herding cats for 7ish hours”). She starts at her day at 5:30am and ends her day when she can no longer function but she always makes the gym a priority, scheduling her workouts around her first priority, her boys, and their soccer, basketball, and baseball practices and games.

    Maria has never let any obstacle stop her from her goal – keeping up with her boys (and let us just tell you, they are FAST). After having her shoulder repaired 2.5 years ago, she recovered intelligently and conservatively and has PRd all her lifts predating surgery. Additionally, muscle ups hold a special place in her heart after being the first female to get a muscle up in the gym. She didn’t even know it was a rite of passage until she had passed right on through.

    June 26th, 2013 Maria walked in the door of KXN and we are happy that she calls this place home four years later. She will yell at us to go faster, try harder and do more. Maria is a fighter; she fights for her boys, her students, and her country. And we are so thankful she’s on our side.