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  • Phil LeBaron

    The few, the proud, the Marine, Phil LeBaron started out tough (it’s in the definition of a Marine). However, he was pleasantly surprised when his definition of “in shape” was challenged at KXN. He walked through our front door four years ago because it was too close to his front door for him to make up any valid excuses not to.

    Four months into CrossFit, July 2013, Phil completed Murph – slowly. “I was so smoked that I was walking the second mile. I remember Tessie passing me and giving encouragement, and after appropriately berating myself I was able to trudge the last half mile or so to finish…. I think both Justin Nolan and I were happy to be alive.”

    A 5am(er), Phil describes his people as “a unique band of cantankerous old men, younger men seeking wisdom from the aforementioned party, and lovely ladies of all ages. We are a tight-knit, semi-masochistic family that may suffer from insomnia, but we enjoy each other’s company enough to keep coming back.”

    Koda is “a place to better yourself alongside others of like mind, and a place where you can make lifelong friends” but that is not really why Phil keeps coming back. Phil keeps coming back because Ted Blodgett created an “accountability group message” so that he can harass athletes when they miss a workout. Now we know why so many of the 5am crew have made it four years – Ted.

    Outside of the gym, unlike so many of us, Phil actually does have a life – his wife. “I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife; camping, cooking, vacationing, volunteering, doesn’t matter what we do, as long as I’m with her.” It doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Except for maybe his feelings towards Koda.

    “Koda is more than a gym. Koda is a community, a family, and I am looking forward to another year in this great community that reaches far beyond the walls of 1210 McGee Drive. I look forward to successfully stringing muscle-ups together (fingers crossed), and Ted keeps telling me about ‘old-man strength.’ Maybe I can get me some of that.”

    Here’s to muscle ups, “old-man strength”, and Phil. Oohrah!