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Rick Wedel

Rick Wedel doesn’t do anything half way, if he’s going to go – he’s going to go big. So, of course, his most memorable workout is doing Murph as prescribed, “I was the last one to finish,” he said, laughing at himself. But he finished the workout.
As a big game hunter, he recognized the importance of all around fitness, leading him to Koda Norman four years ago. “I hunt all over the world, often times in extreme conditions. My favorite place to hike and travel is Africa. I’ve been four times thus far. I may have to carry a 60+ pound pack all day long through mountainous territory and carry a 100+ pound pack out. I learned it wasn’t enough just to be strong, I had to have overall good fitness. I used to think you either could be strong or really fit; now I have learned that you can have both and prosper.”
Rick is a 6:30am(er) but his schedule is so hectic that he works out whenever he has the chance. He knows he just has to make it happen: “I stick with CrossFit for a number of reasons. But one of the biggest is that despite my age, I am getting more and more fit and stronger each year, at least the last few years.”
Outside of the gym, Rick is a radiologist, with two great children and a rock star girlfriend (who you might spot around Koda). Rick recognizes, “I’m extremely blessed in my life, work, and friends. I am a Christian; my primary goal is to serve God and others around me.”