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Rodney Burt

Rodney Burt is our latest 4 year Kodaversary from the 5 AM crew; Rod says, “It feels very productive to have finished a tough workout before work.” Besides, he has a lot to do – he is a man of many interests. Before CrossFit he was a lifter, played racquetball, coached high school rugby, and rode motorcycles. Not to mention his schedule is insane: 5 AM KXN, globo gym for sauna/whirlpool/ and shower (a great reason for a globo membership), work, dinner, work, 9 PM bedtime. So he must REALLY like us.
Rod’s dedication is pretty clear. His daughter got him started but he keeps coming back because “I keep thinking that someday my front rack flexibility will magically appear” and when it does, he will “get on the leaderboard as the squat king.” All hail! He recently completed Koda First Timers in the advanced division at 10-25 years older than the rest of the field. He said of the experience, “Although I ran out of gas on the 4th workout, I finished, I am still alive, and I wasn’t last.” In CrossFit, survival and winning become regularly interchangeable.
There are many ways to win. Rodney said, “To be honest, CrossFit probably saved me from a heart attack and diabetes.” Additionally, KXN provides a lot of laughs. “The first time jumping the fat ropes was a train wreck that we should have been filming. Names withheld to protect fragile egos.” Between the health, the laughter, and the fact that we have been able to have Rodney as part of our community for four years and counting – that’s a lot of winning.