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  • Steph Malone

    Stephanie Malone wears many hats – She’s a mom, coach, competitor, cheerleader, (the kind with pom-poms and the mental support kind), chauffeur, chef, and bootcamp sadist. As hard as she pushes us during Kodafit or Koda Norman Bootcamp, it’s hard to complain when she is right next to us doing the same workout. Coach Steph’s main goal is to stay healthy. “Being a busy working mom – it’s sometimes hard to fit workouts in (which is why I go before my family is awake) but I know that in order for me to be a good mom, wife, and trainer, exercise has to be a priority and I always feel better when I leave the gym.”
    Her first day at Koda Norman was a 5:30am class. Like so many of our 4 year veterans, Coach Steph is a early morning regular. “I love the people – 5:30 definitely has more ‘regulars’ than any other time slot. Us ‘old’ people have to stick together and I love starting out my day with a good workout. It’s the best way to wake up.”
    In case that last statement wasn’t crazy enough, Steph’s favorite workout is – Murph. “I love that we do it on Memorial Day – it’s more than just a workout – and it’s amazing to see how many people show up for it.” That community is what Steph loves about Koda Norman and what she brings to us. “Koda is an amazing gym with SO many different athletes, coaches and classes. There is a class for everyone from the beginner to the elite athlete. The environment is very motivating. There will always be someone there to help push you, to make you better.” Steph is that person. She pushes us, makes us work harder, be better. “My favorite thing is to see someone get their first pull-up, handstand, muscle up, etc. It’s truly rewarding to see someone achieve something they once thought was impossible.”