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  • Tessie Taleu

    There are few things better in this world than Tessie Time. Anyone who has had a massage with Tessie Taleu knows this to be true, but it’s not just her magical hands, it’s her magical personality. Tessie is probably the strongest girl you know but you might not know that because she would never tell you. She is incredibly humble and more comfortable telling you her struggles of the past rather than glory in the present.

    Tessie started her journey in a Washington. She played volleyball in high school and college but when that stopped – so did she. Eventually she got moving again (running) and eventually ran into Koda CrossFit Norman and Kevin Schuetz. That was four years ago on April 30th 2013. It’s been shenanigans ever since.

    For her, the most memorable of these experiences are doing sled pulls/drags in triple digit heat, and that time she fell off the rig while doing pull-ups (don’t worry, everyone was there to witness this feat). This is why Tessie describes KXN as a “beautiful chaos of shenanigans.”

    “Every person that walks into the gym makes KXN the amazing place it is by pushing, encouraging, playfully bantering, and embracing each other for the beautiful individuals they are.” Tessie is projecting; she is the embodiment of beautiful chaos, those around her are the echo.

    Tessie’s strength is only surpassed by her determination. You will always see her at multiple classes only to later spot her in the corner continuing her efforts. Her goal is to constantly be better than yesterday and she puts in the work to make that happen. “My daily schedule is constantly varied, just like the Koda programming, but it almost always includes being at Koda at some point in the day.” Whether she is working out or working; coaching Moga (a variation on yoga that is uniquely her own), massaging clients (Relax For Time), or front desking, she is always working to be better or make someone else better.

    Tessie is known for her strength but she has worked hard to get gymnasty. She now has bar/ring muscle ups and contributed three top scores for the Koda Norman team in order to get them their first Regionals appearance. Tessie Taleu is one of a kind – she’s one of our kind (fierce, determined, with a dash of crazy) – and if she puts her mind to getting somewhere you had better get out of the way.