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  • Tony Silva

    We have all witnessed Tony’s infamous “Tony Silva moves” – really, there is no better way to describe them. And because of his absurdities and outgoing nature, it is very hard not to know Tony Silva. One of the first coaches to join the ranks at KXN, he was actually a late bloomer in terms of his athletic prowess.

    Tony Silva, the double under king, the fastest rope this side of the Mississippi, started out as a “tremendous bench warmer” for his high school football team. To counteract the Freshman 15, Tony started CrossFitting in the OU student rec center. For any of us who have done CrossFit in a globo gym, we know it gets old – fast. When “Jon B” told him about the CrossFit gym opening up on Lindsey Street, Tony was one of the first people through the door.

    The first workout can make us or break us and for Tony it was Helen with double unders – talk about a match made in heaven. He professes his love of double unders, saying that, “they are fun and require rhythm.” Fun? Maybe in a 17.5 fifth circle of hell sort of way – but his score for 17.5 actually helped our Regionals team get where we needed to go – so that’s fun. As for rhythm, any of us who have seen Tony dance know that double under rhythm only goes so far.

    The rest of his journey has been paved through perseverance and the pursuit of excellence – traits that he says trickled down from Kevin, our fearless leader. These traits have led to his pursuit of his Masters in Data Science and Analytics (which might explain why double unders are “fun”), and his podium finish at the Fittest in OK.

    To Tony, Koda means community and he has been such a big part of defining our community. He has been here from the beginning and we cannot imagine a KXN world without him (and his “Tony Silva moves”) in it.