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    Thursday, August 4, 2016

    KXN CrossFit


    A1) 5X5 Bench Press, rest 1 min
    A2) 5X 5/5 Contralateral Deadbug (3 sec hold), rest 1 min


    5X30s Row Sprints
    rest 2:30

    KXN 6 week challenge


    Deadlift Form Work


    A) 4 x 3 Deadlifts @ (X/1/2/0)
    B) Build to Heavy Single Deadlift (perfect form)


    Tester WOD #2:
    7 Burpees over rower
    500m Row
    7 Burpees over rower

    KXN Competitor


    HS Hold Skill Practice
    12 min to find:
    ME HS Hold
    *if great at HS Holds, attempt every 4 min
    *If decent at HS Holds, attempt every 2 min
    *If still working on them, attempt every 1 min

    MU Progression
    Track results and try to increase every week

    With Muscle Ups:
    A1) 4X 3-6 Muscle Ups, No Rest
    A2) 4X 5-10 Strict Ring Pullups (slow and controlled), No Rest
    A3) 4X 5-10 Toes Through Rings, rest 3 min

    Without Muscle Ups:
    A1) 4X 5-10 Strict Ring Pullups (slow and controlled), No Rest
    A2) 4X 5 Hips to Rings, No Rest
    A3) 4X 5 MU Transitions + Dip on Low Rings, rest 3 min