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    Thursday, September 21, 2017

    KXN CrossFit


    C1) 3X 21s BB Curls, rest 1 min
    C2) 3X 8 Poor Man Glute Hams, rest 1 min
    B3) 3X 3 Hang Power Snatch + 3 Sots Press, rest 1 min


    A) 10min Partner AMRAP @ 60%
    30 Double Unders – Partner Holds WB OH
    15 WBS (partner planks)
    rest 3 min
    B) Repeat AMRAP @ 70%

    KXN 6 week challenge


    Build to heavy:
    2 Hang to Overhead +
    2 G2OH


    3 Rounds through:
    30s ME Slam Balls
    Rest 2:30
    30s ME DB Thrusters
    Rest 2:30

    KXN Competitor Class with Brice


    Strength 3
    A) Find a Heavy Set of the Complex For the day (3-6 legit attempts)
    1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch
    B) 3X 1.1.1 Perfect Squat Snatches @ 85-90%@ of A
    B1) 5X5 HIGH & HEAVY WBS, no rest
    B2) 5X5 Broad Jumps, rest 2 min
    ***minimal time on the ground!


    Gym Dens/Skills
    Team WOD: 3 Person Teams
    90 Syncronized T2B (2 Partners)
    *resting partner hold 135/93 in front rack


    A1) 3X6/6 Goblet Lunges (heavy)
    A2) 3X6/6 Kossak Squats
    A3) 3X20 BB Hip Thrusts
    A4) 3X15/10 Cal AB Sprint
    Tabata ABS – Coaches Choice
    B1) 3X10 Good Mornings
    B2) 3X10/10 Lateral Band Walks
    Tabata ABS – Coaches Choice
    C1) 3X10 Low Box Jump Squats
    C2) 3X10 Jefferson Curls
    Tabata ABS – Coaches Choice