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    Tuesday, May 10, 2016

    KXN CrossFit


    D) 3X 12 Back Squats @ 21X1, rest 2 min

    OR Find Back Squat 1RM
    Then, Find 5K Row


    A) 7m AMRAP @ 70% pace
    Run 100m + 5 Strict T2B + 10 Slam Balls + 50m Slam Ball FRONT RACK Carry
    B) Repeat A @ 80% Pace
    C) Repeat A @ 90% Pace

    KXN 6 week challenge


    A) 4 x 3 Strict Press
    B) 5 x 3 Push Press


    12 min EMOM
    Minute 1: 30 Sec AB Sprint
    Minute 2: 30 sec Plank Hold
    Minute 3: 30 Sec Row
    Minute 4: 10 Ring Rows
    *1 30s AB Sprint each person from 13-16th minute

    KXN Competitor


    Muscle-Up Progression
    Track results and try to increase every week
    A1) 5X 3-5 MUs, No Rest
    A2) 5X 5-10 Strict Ring Pullups, No Rest
    A3) 5X 5-10 Toes Through Rings, Rest 2-3min
    *Advanced Athletes do MUs Last


    Power Output
    100% effort
    6 Sets – Start set every 4 min
    30m Sled Drag +
    30m Sled Pull (Heavy but FAST!!!)
    *during rest complete 1 set of gymnastics weakness EX: 3/5 Bar MUs, 6-10 HSPUs…

    KXN Endurance


    Running workout-
    4 rounds-
    200m easy pace
    200m fast pace
    200m easy
    200m fast
    3 mins rest between rounds