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    Saturday, July 23, 2016

    KXN CrossFit


    A) 10min EMOM
    3 Front Squats @ 30X1 (75-80% 1RM)


    ***Deck of Cards***
    Teams of 3 or 4
    Ace and Jokers – 100 meter Run as a team
    Hearts -Box Jumps/Step Down
    Diamonds – Slam Balls
    Spade – Dumbell Thrusters
    Club – T2B or Candle Sticks
    ***number on the card dictates reps***

    KXN Barbell


    Strength 2
    A1) 5X 10 Snatch Grip Rows, rest 10s
    A2) 5X 10 BB Curls, rest 2-3min

    B1) 5X 10 Banded GHD Raises (or Poor Man Glute Hams), rest 10s
    B2) 5X 10 Reverse Hypers, Rest 2-3min

    C) 4X 50m Front Rack Carry, Heavy