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  • Casey McCallister

    Casey McCallister is known for many things: frothing at the mouth during workouts, being the loudest coach at Koda, and, of course, holding the title of Fittest Cop in America for two years running. But who is Casey “Crazy Eyes” McCallister?
    After high school, he knew he wanted to be a first responder. His father, Rory McCallister, was a firefighter and he wanted to be just like his father…almost. After a ride along he realized that he wanted to be a police officer. So he did what he does – set out to be the best possible police officer that he could. He trained for the police academy and became really good at running in circles and “basic bro workouts”. He started CrossFit by completing daily hero workouts with another officer. Then one day he drove by Koda Norman while on patrol. “I wondered ‘how much different can that really be from my daily hero workouts?’ My first day was humbling. I used a girl’s bar, not even realizing that there was such a thing. (I didn’t tell anyone for at least two years that I used a girl’s bar by accident.) I realized that my version of CrossFit was much different than Koda’s. Overall, the environment was the difference maker for me. There were some studs walking around with their shirts off and I wanted to just be able to keep up.” Who knew that in his attempt to keep up, Casey would find his swolemate, Kevin Schuetz. “The most fun I ever have competing is always with my OG training partner, Kevin. Whether it’s against him, with him, or just training alongside, after hundreds of hours, you can’t help but have fun.” In fact, this dynamic duo just took fourth in the 2017 CrossFit Team Series against some of the biggest names in CrossFit.
    Casey thrives on overcoming obstacles. His favorite workout is one that he failed at the first time. “In the final Regionals workout from 2014 I failed to complete the workout in the time cap. I was physically incapable of completing 205# overhead squats for eight reps. I only completed four reps after being the 2nd person to finish the 64 pull ups in my heat.” We actually have this moment captured and immortalized – there is a photo blown up in the corner of the kids’ area at Koda Norman. This may seem strange but Casey isn’t basking in his failure. He’s recognizing the fact that only months later, when he redid the event, he went unbroken on the overhead squats. Casey explains, “The workouts that highlight my weaknesses are the ones I have come to love the most.”
    Anyone who has ever taken a class with Casey knows he has fun (pretty much all the time) but also knows that he takes his roles both as coach and police officer very seriously – and sometimes he even combines the two. Casey won the 2017 World Police and Fire Games: “It was painfully fun competing against other first responders from all over the world. In a two-day competition, I felt like I was competing against friends I had known for years. I’m really proud of being able to make fitness a priority even with a busy schedule. It’s easy to be complacent and find excuses working in law enforcement but it shouldn’t be that way. We represent the community and have a duty to serve. Part of that service attitude is being able to take care of yourself as well as anyone else who may need your help.”
    Casey is either working, working out, or spending some well earned downtime with his amazing wife, Kalyn, and their dogs. For Casey, “Koda is an outlet. With all the craziness that surrounds us every day, Koda is a place you can count on to be positive and uplifting. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to help motivate and inspire like minded people to achieve their goals both inside the gym and in life. I have met people from all walks of life inside the walls of Koda and through those interactions I have learned an incredible amount about others, but also myself. My physical strength gains cannot compare to the amount of personal growth I have gained since joining Koda Norman.” Casey has been part of Koda Norman for over four years and has brought so much to it. For some it’s a sense of safety, the knowledge that as a coach, a cop, and a friend, Casey has their back. For others, it’s his ebullient personality and high energy. For whatever our reason, every one of us has become stronger, better, and more confident for having Casey in our lives. Thank you, Crazy Eyes McCallister – and happy four year Kodaversary.