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  • Koda CrossFit Norman Staff

    Toby Johnson


    Zeth Barron

    Gym Manager/Coach

    Brice Collier

    Head Programer/Coach

    Brice Collier - Head Programer/Coach


    • Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
    • CrossFit Coaches' Prep Course (L2-Trainer)
    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Football Trainer
    • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
    • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer
    • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Certification
    • Rob Wolf Nutrition Seminar
    • Whole 9 Nutrition Workshop
    • Optimum Performance Training Certification

    Charles Baker


    Bess Jackson


    Bess Jackson - Coach


    Bess Jackson, when you see her you smile. If you don’t smile, it’s not her, it’s you. Bess has been doing CrossFit since 2013 after going to a competition to cheer for a friend in Koda OKC and realizing that she wanted to play too.  It was quickly determined that her cheering abilities as a super fan were only surpassed by her motivational qualities and fun she brought as a teammate.

    She started coaching in 2018. “I like coaching CrossFit for a number of reasons. It's really fulfilling to watch members progress, whether that's lifting more weight, doing a workout in less time, or being able to scale up to a movement that they've worked so hard (and often times waited to so long) to be able to do. It's also just a lot of fun to interact with members and to have the opportunity to get to know them on a personal level.”

    Speaking of personal, here are some fun facts about Bess Jackson to introduce her to you on a whole new level: She is from Tulsa. She played soccer throughout high school. She is “kind of ambidextrous” – I’m not sure what that means but if you throw things at her you might be able to find out. She doesn’t like black licorice or raw onions but I’m not really sure who does. And she had a dermal piercing in the back of her neck.  More importantly she makes these professional grade decorative cookies and if you go to her class she might give you one. Oh and she has a BS in Nutritional Sciences and an MBA focused on Entrepreneurship. So not only will she give you cookies but she will tell me how many cookies you can eat depending on the workout.

    • CrossFit Level 1
    • Registered Dietitian
    • Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt

    Nathan Miller


    Stephanie Malone


    Stephanie Malone - KodaFit/Coach


    Steph Malone, known by her KodaFit class as the energizer bunny, has been doing CrossFit since 2012 and coaching since 2014. She is the Queen of KodaFit, one of those people able to suffer through a workout with a smile and more importantly, she can make an hour-long sweat-fest fun.

    Oklahoma born and bred, Steph has always been an athlete, competing in tennis, track, golf, and cheerleading in high school and cheering in college.  She has a BS in Health and Exercise Science and an MS in Exercise Physiology. She doesn’t know how to not be awesome; she was a tester for American Ninja Warriors and, two kids and some two decades later, she can still tumble. It’s okay to be jealous of her, at least that is what the other coaches keep telling themselves, but you cannot help but love her.  She wants her athletes to improve, to realize their goals, and to exceed their own expectations.

    She loves cooking, watching her kids compete in motocross and cheer (the apples, Owen and Harper, didn’t fall far from the tree), traveling with her family, and running through the streets of Norman, Oklahoma with her dog, Ranger.

    • CrossFit Level 1
    • NSCA-CPT
    • USAW-Sports Perf. Coach

    Karen Feiner


    Noah Bridges


    Noah Bridges - Coach


    Noah Bridges started CrossFit December 2012 as a toddler in his hometown of Clinton, Mississippi. He started coaching four years later, and joined our staff in the Fall 2018 as he also joined University of Oklahoma’s freshman class. As many of us CrossFit junkies do, his first act of relocation was to research gyms in OU’s proximity. He chose KXN because of the location and our regionals team (RIP Regionals). He said that there was something about the gym, “I knew this was where I was going to be fitnessing.”

    Before CrossFit, so in the womb, he swam for 10 years competitively, which explains the traps and lats in case you ever find yourself gawking at his back (don’t worry, we all do it). His dedication and training has made him a competitive CrossFitter and lead coach of our gymnastic skills classes. But his dedication transcends the gym as he attends OU for his BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Mathematics. He received the Nathan A. Court Award for Outstanding Freshman in Math so clearly he’s got brain and brawn. And he speaks German. “Oh, so you know German? Now I know why you don’t like fun things” (Pitch Perfect). We also now know why he comes up with warm ups that are harder than the workout.

    But he does like fun things – kinda. When asked what he enjoys outside of the gym he had trouble determining the definition of “outside the gym” but it was firmly established he actually does leave the gym, sometimes. He likes hiking, golf, exploring coffee shops and museums, and watching YouTube videos. He also enjoys reading, making and drinking coffee (who enjoys making coffee?), and napping, all of which he also does inside the gym so they don’t count as outside hobbies.

    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Level 2
    • CrossFit Gymnastics

    Tessie Taleu

    Massage Therapy/Coach

    Eddie "Rico" Malone


    Cameron Robinson


    Freddy Petrolia


    Lorin Johnson


    Parker & Colton