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  • Ted Blodgett

    Ted Blodgett, 5AM Class Founder and Manager at Gray, Blodgett & Company PLLC. The name Ted has echoed through the Kodaversary write ups from the 5AM crew. Whether it is fame or infamy is a matter of debate.
    He remembers his first day fondly, describing himself as “a sea turtle on the beach at low tide.” And now, it’s four years later.
    By joining Koda Norman 1.0 on Lindsey Street, Ted fulfilled his lifelong dream of working out at a gym without heat or air conditioning. Now he makes do by working out at 5AM in the winter and refusing to let the coaches turn on the heat. So if you’re cold, you know whom to blame (Disclaimer: this may not be factual).
    As 5AM Class President, Ted has a few words of 5AM wisdom:
    1. This time slot is far superior to other time slots. I will hear no arguments on this.
    2. Work hard and stick with it.
    3. Koda’s a community more than a gym.
    4. If you are getting picked on at 5am, that means we like you.
    5. There is only one thing scarier than perishing during an Open workout, it’s surviving and knowing that you will have to finish it.
    Doesn’t this make you want to wake up at 4:30am to see what you are missing before the sun rises? But Ted has made a big impact in the 5AM community – as noted by the number of people who have mentioned him when describing their Koda family. Thank you, Ted, for being such a big part of Koda for over four years and for helping to grow our 5AM class into one of the best (and largest!) classes of the day!