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    Monday, April 23, 2018


    A) Clean Complex every 90s (6 Sets) Start @ 60% and build if perfect
    1 Clean DL to Hips + 1 High Hang Squat Clean +
    1 Hang Squat Clean (above knee) + 1 HSC (below knee)

    B) Every 4 min for 5 rounds
    in 45s
    AB Cals (PRO:15/10, RX:12/8, SC:9/6)
    8 WBS
    ME T2B/TTR in time remaining

    A1) 7 Close Grip Bench Press
    A2) 4 x 7 Pullup Variation
    -Pullups, Partner Assisted or Sitting Banded Ring Rows
    *rest 45 sec between each

    3 Rounds
    30 sec Row
    30 sec DB Thrusters (Light)
    30 sec Air Squats
    30 Sec Plank Hold
    -3 Min rest-

    RUN/ROW 400 m.
    21 Pull-ups OR Jumping Pull-ups
    21 Box Jumps
    21 HSPU OR HR Push-ups
    RUN/ROW 400 m.
    15 Pull-ups OR Jumping Pull-ups
    15 Box Jumps
    15 HSPU OR HR Push-ups
    RUN/ROW 400 m.
    9 Pull-ups OR Jumping Pull-ups
    9 Box Jumps
    9 HSPU OR HR Push-ups
    RUN/ROW 400 m.

    3 ROUNDS: 30/30
    Jump Rope
    Squat Hold OR Wall Sit
    Russian Twists
    Hollow Rock Hold

    Competitor with Jenna:

    2 RFT:

    400m Run
    25 HRPU
    25 KBS
    400m Run
    25 Deadlifts
    25 Situps
    400m Run
    25 Air squats
    25 Box Jumps
    *Sub run for row
    Cash Out!
    4 Sets:
    20 Iron Crosses
    15 Candlesticks

    A) 10min @ EASY pace- warmup
    5/5 Sciatic Nerve floss
    5 jefferson curl- LIGHT KB
    10 Banded Good Morning
    10/10 Lateral Banded Walks
    200m Row

    B) Deadlift from blocks (barbell at knee height/slightly above)
    5×6 reps– GOOD FORM- weight not priority

    C1) 4×8 Banded Straight Arm Lat Pull Down
    C2) 4×8 Banded Pull Aparts

    D) 12min @ 70-80%
    10 WBS- Try to work lower depth if possible
    10/10 Russian Twist OR WB toss
    10m OH WB carry
    10m Goblet WB Carry
    5 burpees or incline/bench pushups

    ***1 WB will be used for ALL movements (minus the burpees)