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  • Vanessa Wynn

    Vanessa Wynn is a renaissance woman – and we are not just referring to her triathlete ways. She is a software engineer, who has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and she knows Kung Fu (no, I we are not making a joke. She knows Kung Fu – you should probably not mess with her). She also competed in the only activity more hardcore than martial arts – roller derby. A few of her derby girls started doing CrossFit and their arms magically grew “and they were so much stronger!” Wynn did some detective work and found that their magical arms came from Koda; four years later, she’s still here.
    Wynn says of KXN: “The community at Koda is so positive and welcoming. I always felt like I was receiving top notch instruction and met many friends that were on my level; we were all learning together. I started doing triathlons about the same time and started learning how to swim (side note: now she’s one of our resident Koda fish). CrossFit has aided in that journey, helping to build muscle and endurance to keep me fit but also reduce injury. [With triathlete training] you’re always targeting the same muscle groups for extended periods of time. However, with CrossFit you build up those stabilizers and other muscles to be a more well-rounded athlete. This had helped me to become a stronger swimmer and runner, which in turn allowed me to qualify and compete at two Aquathlon World Championships on Team USA.” The moral of this story is that structure work will make you a champion. Vanessa Wynn said so – must be true.
    Now that she has broken 200# on her deadlift and completed First Timers last year, Wynn is looking towards her next CrossFit competition. She keeps getting stronger: “I love my 6:30am ladies crew, we’re all on a similar level but can push each other too.” She also espoused her love of the Koda coaches saying that, “I love all the coaches at Koda. They are all so encouraging, regardless of the level you’re at and your personal goals.” What can we say to that except we love you too, Vanessa! You always bring your positivity and your game face to the gym, pool, and anywhere else you may roam. Happy 4 Year Kodaversary!