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    Friday, June 28, 2019

    A) EMOM for 10min
    1 Squat Snatch
    w/3s Hold at the bottom
    Start 65-70% 1RM

    B) 16min EMOM (4 rounds)
    Min 1: 15s AB SPRINT
    Min 2: 30s Bar Hang
    Min 3: 10 Hollow Rocks
    Min 4: 5/5 1Arm Ring Rows

    Comp with Zeth!

    A) Death by Complex

    Min 1: 1 Strict Pullup + 1 Kipping C2B Pullup + 1 T2B
    Min 2: 2-2-2 Reps
    Min 3: 3-3-3 Reps

    *go as long as you’re able to finish the set without coming off the bar
    *note where you failed

    B) 4 Rounds FT
    6 Muscle Ups
    12 Box Jumps (24/20)
    18 Air Squats
    24 Double Unders

    A1) 2×10-15 Incline DB Bench Press (20X1) + 10-15 LIGHT DB Shoulder Press
    Rest 90s
    A2) 2×10-15 Incline Chest Flys + 10-15 Banded Tricep Press Downs
    Rest 90s

    B1) 10/10 Lateral Step ups
    B2) 4×8/8 Single Arm Lateral Raise
    Rest 2 min

    4X 15s ME Inverted Rows, 15s Rest
    5X 15s ME DB Curls, 15s Rest