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    Join a 6 Week KXN Beginner's program

    This class will focus on assisting clients in taking their 1st step towards a healthier lifestyle in a fun and encouraging environment. The program follows a 6-week diet and exercise program built specifically for individuals who want to begin the change to a happier and healthier life.

    Workout of the Day

    Tuesday, April 22, 2019

    A) 6min AMRAP @ 80%
    40m Farmer’s Carry (50/35)
    5 Hang DB Squat Cleans
    5/5 Renegade Rows

    B) Assault Bike 6min @ 80% pace

    C) 6min AMRAP:
    5 Burpees
    5/5 KB Snatches (53/35)

    D) Run 1060m (2/3 mile)
    *scale to 800m”

    Skill- DB snatch and Sumo DL

    A1) 6,4,3,6,4,2 Sumo Deadlifts
    A2) 6×6/6 Side Plank DB Rotations

    Workout: 15 min partner AMRAP- Alternate rounds
    400m AB
    1/1 DB snatch
    **add 1 DB per round

    Competitor with Zeth:

    A1) 4 sets
    1.1.1 Power Clean
    *build to a heavy
    A2) 4×8 Banded KBS

    B) 3×3 Push Jerks
    2 second hold at the CATCH
    *build to a heavy

    C) in 15min
    Build to a HEAVY C&J

    D) 3×3 Clean High Pulls
    60-70% 1RM

    A) 30s on/off Row- 10 min

    B) 10 min E2MOM
    20m backwards sled drag (Slow and Controlled!!) INSIDE
    **Easy AB with remaining time**

    B1) 4×8 Tempo ring Row (2s hold at top, 2s lowering)
    B2) 4×10 Banded Pull aparts

    C) 10min E2MOM
    20m forward sled drag (WALKING, CONTROLLED)
    **Easy Row with time remaining**

    D1) 4×10/10 Single Leg KB RDL
    D2) 4x20m 1 arm FC

    A1) 3×4 Double KB Goblet Squats @ 4441
    A2) 3×5/5 Suitcase Deadlifts (floorless)

    B1) 3×7/7 Split Squats
    B2) 3×7 Jefferson Curls

    C) EMOM for 12 (4 rounds)
    Min1: 30s Wall Sit
    Min2: 10/10m Contraleteral Carry
    Min3: 30s Alternating Contralateral Deadbug


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    Jenna Newton

    Gym Manager/Coach

    Jenna Newton - Gym Manager/Coach

    Toby Johnson

    Gym Manager/Coach

    Toby Johnson - Gym Manager/Coach

    Zeth Barron

    Gym Manager/Coach

    Zeth Barron - Gym Manager/Coach

    Brice Collier

    Head Programmer

    Brice Collier - Head Programmer/Coach

    Charles Baker


    Charles Baker - Coach

    Bess Jackson


    Bess Jackson - Coach

    Karen Feiner


    Karen Feiner - Coach/KodaKids

    Noah Bridges


    Noah Bridges - Coach