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    Join a 6 Week KXN Beginner's program

    This class will focus on assisting clients in taking their 1st step towards a healthier lifestyle in a fun and encouraging environment. The program follows a 6-week diet and exercise program built specifically for individuals who want to begin the change to a happier and healthier life.

    Workout of the Day

    Thursday, October 18, 2018

    A1) 4×10-15 HSPU (work skill), no rest
    A2) 4×20-30s Low Pushup Hold, no rest
    A3) 4×10 DB Z Press, Rest 2-3min

    Start Round every 4 min
    Rnd 1: Row 500/400m + 30 UB DUs
    Rnd 2: 30 Box Overs + 30 UB Dus
    Rnd 3: Run 400m + 30 UB Dus
    Rnd 4: 30 Slam Balls + 30 UB Dus

    Partner WOD:
    A) 5 Min AMRAP @ 50% effort:
    5 Burpees
    10 WBS
    10 Russian Twists w WB
    *Alternate Movements

    B) Strength: 6 Sets E2MOM
    1 PC + 2 Front Squats *add weight if possible

    C) Repeat AMRAP @ 70%
    rest 2 min
    D) Repeat AMRAP @ 90%
    *Try to increase rounds as a team

    Competitor with Zeth:



    6 rounds (Starting Every 4 min)
    10 HEAVY WBS (40/25) – Get Hot!
    Handstand Walk
    Sc: 5-10m, RX: 10m UB, Pro: 10m w/Ramp and Stairs (practice both directions)

    A) 30s on/30s off- Row/AB- 10 rounds
    Must get faster from round to round

    B1)4x 20m/20m Contralateral Carry
    B2) 4×10/10 Lateral Step ups
    B3) 4x15s/15s Lateral Plank hold

    C) 4 Rounds, 1 min rest b/w rounds
    15 DB Push Press
    12 DB Goblet Squat
    9 Inc Push up

    A) 7×8 Goblet Squat
    B) 7×8/8 KB/DB Snatch
    C) 7×8 Chin Ups (or ring rows)
    D) 7×8/8 Box Pistols
    E) 7×8 Pendlay Rows
    F) 7×8/8 DB Iso Curls
    G) 7×8 Banded Face Pulls

    ***Use a 3s sec eccentric phase on all lifts
    ***rest just long enough for your partner to go (approx 30s)


    Full Schedule


    Kevin Schuetz

    Owner and Trainer

    Kevin Schuetz - Owner/Head Trainer

    Jenna Newton


    Jenna Newton - Coach

    Toby Johnson


    Toby Johnson - Coach

    Casey McCallister


    Casey McCallister - Coach

    Brice Collier


    Brice Collier - Coach

    Liz Schuetz


    Liz Schuetz - Front Desk / Administration

    Charles Baker


    Charles Baker - Coach

    Jennifer Copelin


    Jennifer Copelin - Coach