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    Workout of the Day

    Friday, February 21, 2020

    A) Partner Chipper (split reps)
    (11:00 CAP)
    55 Deadlifts (275/185)
    55 WBS (25/16)
    *55 Cal Row
    55 HSPUs

    B) 5 Rounds
    30s Plank Hold
    30s Prone to Plank Transitions
    30s Prone Hold
    90s Rest

    A) 4 x 3 Deadlifts @ (X/1/2/0)
    B) Build to heavy 3 Rep Deadlift (perfect form)- reset each rep
    *log heaviest weight

    Tester WOD #3: (2-3 heats)
    Guys- 15-12-9
    Girls- 12-10-8
    Heavy Russian KBS
    AB Calories

    Koda X with Zeth!

    A) 9 min 30s on/off
    AB- Start at 50% and increase RPM per round

    B1) 4×5 Powell Raise (3s ecc)
    B2) 30s boat hold
    B3) 30m FC (heavy)

    C) 12 min EMOM
    1: 30s AB/ski
    2: 30s wall sit/plank
    3: 30s row
    4: 10-15 ring row

    Kids with Jimmie and Tyler!


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