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    Workout of the Day

    Tuesday, January 28, 2020

    A) 5X5 Front Squats
    ***Heavy but CRISP

    3 rounds for time
    9 Devil’s Press (50/35)
    18 T2B
    18 Burpees over DBs

    A1) 7 Close Grip Bench Press
    A2) 4 x 7 Pullup Variation
    – Pullups, Partner Assisted or Sitting Banded Ring Rows
    *rest 45 sec between each

    3 Rounds
    30 sec Row
    30 sec DB Thrusters (Light)
    30 sec Air Squats
    30 Sec Plank Hold
    -3 Min rest-

    A) Stations: 12 Min. EMOM – 30 sec. on/30 sec. off (4 rounds)
    Station 1: Ring rows
    Station 2: KB Deadlifts
    Station 3: Assault Bike

    B) 3 Rounds For Time
    400m Row 30 Goblet Squats
    20 KBS
    10 Pushups, rest 2 min between rounds

    C1) 3×6 Jefferson Curls
    C2) 3×8/8 DB Curls
    C3) 5/5 Sciatic N Floss


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